Whippetlitters from Metropolitan!


 A-litter 9/12-2011 (2+5)
Old Road's Invincible ❤️ Pandora van de Waterram
Met Adelia, Met Aida, Met Alzira, Met Anna-Bolena, Met Arabella, Met Ariodante, Met Attila

 B-litter 8/1-2014 (2+5)
Ringdowe Jamiroquai ❤️ Pandora van de Waterram
Met Beatrice di Tenda, Met Berenice, Met Billy Budd, Met Bluebird's Castle, Met Boheme, Met Brunhilde, Met Butterfly Madame

 C-litter 5/10-2015 (5+4)
Axrace's Mambo Jambo ❤️ Metropolitan Met Arabella
Met Cosi fan Tutte, Met Cyrano, Met Carillo Magico, Met Cassio, Met Crispino, Met Carmen, Met Casta Diva, Met Cinderella, Met Carmina Burana


We are proud to present the successfull mating between:





Puppies are expected in the beginning of October 2015.

Metropolitan C-litter!

Axrace's Mambo Jambo "Jambo"


Winner of Swedish Championship 2014 and 2015
Dog of the year 2014
Rookie of the year 2014
10 Track records in different tracks and all distances
European Derby 4th
European Continental classic 3rd
Sprint Derby 2nd
Winner of
'Örehovstayern' etc
Also has a Whippetrace license.
Of 30+ starts, 30+ are 'Klass1'-runs of which 10 are Track Records.

Metropolitan Met Arabella "Bella"
9 DEC 2011

The ELITE DIPLOMA (Swedish Race-Champion)
3d place at the Swedish Championship 2013!!
Coursing CERT!
Track record in Skellefteå 295m - 18.72!!
Finalist at the Swedish Championship 2015!


Bella six weeks! 

Bella seven weeks!

Bella 8 weeks! 

Bella 9 weeks!


Welcome sweet Babies!!




Pups 4 weeks old!

(There are one boy and one girl still available)


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